Motorola 3Q2012 Revenues $2.58 Billion; 18% Of Revenue For Google's Total Q3

Google's Q3 earnings just leaked ahead of schedule, and it appears that Motorola revenues accounted for $2.58 billion of Google's $14.10B revenue in the three-month period ending September 30. $1.78 billion was generated from the mobile segment alone, with $797 million credited to the home segment. In total, Motorola revenues account for 18 percent of Google's Q3 report. Last quarter, Motorola brought in a comfy $1.25 billion for Google, and yet still Motorola grows to now account for 18 percent of Google's revenue as opposed to last quarter's 10 percent. Still, Motorola is accounting for major losses within Google as well, reporting a GAAP operating loss of $527 million ($505 million of which came from mobile), a 20 percent decrease in revenues. Google acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion in August. Slowly but surely, Google has been engulfing Motorola whole, replacing longtime CEO Sanjay Jah with Googler Dennis Woodside, and even having Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on stage to launch some new phones. In fact, two of those phones went on sale today with a big splash from Verizon. But according to the report Google has offset the hire of 1,807 Googlers with the layoffs of 2,865 jobs at Motorola in the third quarter alone. Motorola's headcount is down from 54,604 at the end of June to 53,546 today. Despite Motorola's growth within Google, the company actually missed in earnings today reporting revenue up 45 percent to $14.10 billion, and a 20 percent decrease in net income to $2.1 billion. As a result Google stock tanked 10 percent before trading halted.
Jordan Crook

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