Zendesk Brings Customer Service SaaS To The Enterprise

Customer support startup Zendesk going after enterprise clients with the launch of a new solution that is tailored to large organizations. Launched in 2008, Zendesk offers a web-based, SaaS-delivered help desk/support ticketing application that gives companies a simple way to manage incoming support requests from end customers. Zendesk's new enterprise grade features include unlimited internal usage, so large customers can enable company-wide insight into service operations. The company has also created a specialized platform for parent companies with multiple brands that can centralize their support teams while maintaining branded customer facing support portals. Organizations can also customize permission levels for a group of agents by allowing or restricting access to specific features within Zendesk, such as access to private comments or channels, or ability to change ticket fields. And customer support interactions can be automatically archived. To date, Zendesk has added more than 10,000 customers. The company says some of these clients are large companies, but this is the first time that Zendesk is offering a plan and platform that is specifically tailored to meet the security and scale needs of an enterprise-level company. Pricing for the enterprise plan starts at $99 per agent. Zendesk has raised $26 million to date from Matrix Partners, Benchmark Capital and Charles River Ventures. CrunchBase InformationZendeskInformation provided by CrunchBase
Leena Rao

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