Livescribe Connect Now Supports Content Sharing With Microsoft OneNote, Google Sites

Livescribe took to the press wires today to announce two big additions to its Livescribe Connect service. Users of the Livescribe Connect for Echo and Pulse smartpens may now share content with Microsoft OneNote and Google Sites. Using one of the company's smartpens, anything wrote in ink on their special paper can by shared online through various social and productivity services. Livescribe Connect launched back in May and was a big step towards relevancy for the digital pen as it made sharing content so much easier. The two new services join the already-supported platforms of Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Google Docs and iOS devices and shows that the company is committed to bringing new feature sets to the platform. As John explained back in May, all a user has to do is physically write anything then drawn an underscore followed by a command like "Twitter" or an email address. Then simply select what content you want to share on the pad of paper, and once the pen is synced with the computer over USB, the pre-selected content is automagically sent to the desired service or address. OneNote and Google Sites fit well within the Connect's user base. Livescribe Connect allows users to send and audio recordings direct to OneNote, which was built by Microsoft to be a sort of digital notebook for such content. Google Sites is a collaborative building tool and capable of adding content from other Google services and now Livescribe Connect. Livescribe Connect is still seemingly limited by the smartpens requirement of a physical link for sharing. It's a novel idea and ultimately allows for sharing of written content, but a wireless link, even Bluetooth, would broaden its appeal with increased functionality.
Matt Burns

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