AdMob Founder Omar Hamoui Invests In Paid Task Mobile App Gigwalk

AdMob founder Omar Hamoui has made an investment in Gigwalk, a mobile app that allows users to get assigned basic “gigs” or jobs from companies via their location. The startup has raised a total of $1.7 million from Hamoui, Greylock, Jeff Clavier, Michael Dearing and the Founder Collective. Gigwalk, which launched a few months ago, basically allows companies to tap into a mobile workforce for simple tasks. Users simply download the app, enter your PayPal information and get assigned entry-level "gigs" or jobs that may take just a few minutes at a time in a particular location. For example, TomTom uses Gigwalk's workforce to snap pictures to verify certain navigation points, such as one-way streets, etc. These workers simply snap a picture, email them in and receive a few dollars for the easy task. The site launched in May, and some workers have already made $1,000 to $9,000 over the past 4 months. The average payout is north of $20, and the site is seeing the number of gigs in the hundreds of thousands. And Microsoft just signed up as a customers. Hamoui decided to invest because he is interested in companies that are taking advantage of mobile innovations. He explains "A lot Gigwalk's secret sauce is outside the app and the potential is really, really significant."
Leena Rao

Leena Rao is a Writer at Gigabuzz, focused on covering early-stage startups, especially those with a technology focus and great perks.

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