Wildfire Launches Analytics Suite That Integrates With Facebook's New Page Insights

Social media marketing software maker Wildfire is announcing its integration with the new Facebook Insights data, the update to Facebook's analytics system for Pages, also announced today. Wildfire had helped advise Facebook on the development of the new Insights system, so it was prepared to provide the new data to its clients via its own suite as soon as it became available. However, the Wildfire suite offers some additional features beyond the new Facebook Insights, including the ability to track and aggregate Insights across multiple fan pages, for example. Facebook launched its new fan page metrics and a new ad social ad format at New York's Advertising Week event on Monday. The new ad format (dubbed "Expanded Premium Ad") expands upon the previous "social ad" which showed which of your friends like a page, and provides a way for users to like and comment on the ad itself. The new ad format is larger, as it displays which friends have liked the fan page above the ad itself, with the comment box below. The other major Facebook announcement from Ad Week, though, revolved around the update to Insights, Facebook's analytics dashboard for fan page owners. The dashboard now lists the total number of fans, total likes and a new "Friends of Fans" metric, which shows many people can be reached through a page's post and more. It also shows how people ended up on the fan page, whether through an ad, a friend's post, or otherwise. Wildfire takes some of the new data points from Facebook, called "Friends of Fans," "Engaged Users," and "People Talking About This" and pulls them into its own analytics suite. Engaged users, explains Wildfire, include anyone who responds positively by consuming content (watching a video, clicking a link, etc.), liking a post, commenting on it, or taking other actions. Some of these users will comment on the post, which brings it into their friends' News Feed, creating a discussion. These people are wrapped up in the new "People Talking About This" metric. The audience they connect with indicates the "Viral Reach" of that post. In addition, the new "Friends of Fans" data shows the potential audience for any Facebook Page post. In Wildfire's Social Marketing Suite, brands with multiple fan pages can view Facebook Insights from all their pages in aggregate, including performance data, engagement, and analytics. Clients can then drill down into the pages to see the individual data points. More information about the updated Suite is available on www.wildfireapp.com.
Sarah Perez

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