Dublin's Datahug Raises $1.5 Million From Ron Conway, VC Firm

Enterprise relationship management startup Datahug has scored $1.5 million in a seed funding round led by Ireland-based Oyster Technology Investments, with Silicon Valley super angel investor Ron Conway chipping in. To learn more about its product, check out my earlier post: DataHug Aims To Map Digital Business Relationships. The company last year won the Dublin Web Summit's Spark of Genius startup competition - and a prize package worth €30,000 - so evidently Datahug decided that it will announce the seed capital round later today, at this year's event. Datahug is basically a private search engine that allows you to discover if there are any coworkers or anyone else within your organization that can hook you up with a connection to that customer lead, potential partner or possible recruit you would like to have a conversation with. Says Datahug co-founder and CEO Connor Murphy: “With this funding, Datahug will keep pushing to unlock and organize the hidden network of contacts that exists within every organization. We believe that using Datahug we can unlock 1,100 unique connections per employee. To date, we have unlocked over 4 million relationships, removing the need for cold calling." The core strength of Datahug's offering is that its on-demand service is automated, which basically means users don't have to engage in data entry to "unlock relationships". Datahug's clients include companies in legal, insurance, banking, technology and investment spaces (which must be how they got in front of Ron Conway in the first place). You can check out available plans and pricing here; pricing starts at 5 euros per mailbox per month.
Robin Wauters

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