Metamarkets Debuts Analytics For Mobile Platforms And Publishers

Realtime data startup Metamarkets is announcing the launch of its analytics offering for mobile platforms and publishers. Metamarkets provides price data and predictive analytics to publishers and web companies. Launched in late 2009, the company aims to solve the problem of ad price discovery on web platforms for media companies. Metamarkets aggregates billions of electronic media transactions to deliver dynamic price data, proprietary price and volume aggregations, and analytic media market views. The startup serves ad server data, order insertion data, targeting data, audience data, conversion data, and more, enabling media companies and publishers to shift strategy in realtime based on how web and mobile formats are monetizing. All of this helps publishers determine hot to price ad inventory. Metamarkets Mobile Analytics basically applies this technology to mobile platforms and sites. The product includes real-time operational analytics and large-scale historical reporting for mobile publishers, application developers, and others. The new service can process, store, and analyze daily volumes of billions of mobile events such as auctions and in-game actions. For example, Metamarkets Mobile Analytics helps optimize the MoPub Marketplace, a real-time bidding platform for mobile advertising aimed at publishers. The company also plans to use its technology to monetize event streams in video RTB, in-game event sets, and social networks. Founded by David Soloff, the former lead architect at ad startup Rapt (which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008), and Michael Driscoll, the startup has raised $8.5 million from IA Ventures, Village Ventures, True Ventures Founder Collective, AOL Ventures, Dennis Crowley, FLOODGATE and others.
Leena Rao

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