Science Data Sharing Site figshare Relaunches, Adds Features

figshare, originally launched in January 2011, is re-launching today with some new features. figshare aims to be a repository for scientific figures, raw datasets, videos and more. The retooled service offers AWS storage, version control, and unlimited public storage capacity. All uploaded data is made available with easy-to-use citation links (and a QR code) and is licensed under CreativeCommons terms to encourage re-use. In addition to faster uploads and an easier-to-navigate interface, figshare is also working on desktop clients. According to their FAQ, "We are a data sharing platform where you can add figures that might otherwise go unpublished – complete with the raw data tables." All data is organized by categorgy and tags and is readily searchable, making it easy for researchers to find the data they need. Visitors can comment on the works, too. One of the goals of figshare is to get researchers to share even negative results from their works, in order to reduce duplication of effort, as well as to encourage citations. Publicly available data leads to more citations. According to figshare, unless "we as scientists publish all of our data, we will never achieve access to the sum of all scientific knowledge." By sharing unpublished negative results, researchers can accrue citations for their efforts from other researchers who build upon the work. You can also follow figshare on Twitter, if that's your thing.
Scott Merrill

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