How-Tos: Entrepreneurs Talk Customer Acquisition, Social Media & More In New Video Series

Last year, New York City-based Grovo raised a round of funding with an honorable, if not lofty pursuit for all the web novices out there. Grovo was looking to become “the field guide to the Internet," as much as there could be such a thing; in other words, the startup was building an online education and training platform to enable Web users to find and learn how to use the Web’s most-frequented sites (and vice versa) — beginning with sites like Twitter, Mint, and Amazon. Grovo also added support for small businesses and startups, offering them an easy (video-based) way to train and educate their employees -- and their customers. It's a great tool for startups to improve their customer experience, especially if they have features or products that may take some explaining -- let's be honest, there are few ways in which a "How-To" video can hurt your user experience. Since we last covered Grovo, the startup has rounded out its offerings and now contains over 1,300 video lessons and provides education for over 100 leading sites. The team expects to add several thousand new lessons in 2012. Building on their education and training videos for startups and SMBs, Grovo is today launching an "Expert Series" that aims to "shed light on the evolving world of Web 2.0," in which entrepreneurs, small business owners, celebrities, journalists, and investors will offer insights into successful operation strategies, brand building, differentiation, how to leverage social media, and everything in between. The goal is to not only help others understand how to use popular web services and tools, but why they're important and how they've helped grow their own businesses. The Expert Series premieres with an eight-part video featuring Andy Dunn, the co-founder and cEO of Bonobos, a premium, web-driven men’s apparel brand and eTailer. Dunn talks about how he and his team have leveraged social media to help build a vertically integrated product and improve customer service, and also touches on some approaches to brand building, customer acquisition, and eCommerce that he's found successful. Next week, Grovo will feature Ben Lerer, Co-founder/CEO of Thrillist and partner at Lerer Ventures, who will be discussing how he built Thrillist, how to leverage email marketing, social media, user segmentation, and data to grow a thriving business. He will be followed by Managing Director of TechStars David Tisch, who's gonna inform your brain about what he looks for in companies, along with laying out some of the characteristics of successful startups. It's good stuff, check it out. This follows on the heels of a somewhat similar initiative launched by Sprinkle Labs, called "Now I Know," which offers lessons learned, memorable experiences, and personal philosophies from different notable figures in the tech space. (You can read our coverage here for more, as well as some other fodder for thought for startups and entrepreneurs.) Grovo's content is produced in-house by Grovo’s expert team of writers, editors and voice-over talent, and is constantly updated; the team will be rolling out a new video in its Expert Series each week beginning today. For more on Grovo's Expert Series, find it here. Below are the first two chapters from Andy Dunn's video, and an excerpt from Ben Lerer.
Rip Empson

Rip Empson is a Writer at Gigabuzz, focused on covering early-stage startups, especially those with a technology focus and great perks.

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