Social Video App Vodio Lets You Build Channels For People & Brands Using YouTube, Facebook & Twitter Profiles

Social video app Vodio is out with a new version today that takes advantage of the app's ability to connect with a user's social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In the updated app, you can now automatically turn any Facebook Page or Twitter profile into a video channel, as well as add channels directly from YouTube. Previously, one of Vodio's differentiating features was that it didn't just aggregate videos trending among your friends on social networks, it offered insight into what "the crowd" thinks is popular, too. The service not only tracks a user's behavior, but also trends among their social graph, and combines those with the insight it gains from watching trends across the network in order to surface the videos that match a user's interests. These recommendations are served up in themed channels like Tech, Comedy, Apps, Music, Cool & Inspiring, News, Celebrities, Viral Videos, and more. With the update, however, Vodio now expands beyond serving up just the recommended and popular videos to allow for more personalization on the user's side. You can now search for a friend, celeb, business or brand in the newly added search interface, and optionally select to subscribe to that person's or company's Facebook page, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel, as a more specific way of tracking the videos they share across social networks. When searching, the app doesn't just show the exact matches for the brand/person in question, but is also able to pull up related content - like videos which are about or by the company or person in question, for example. Based in Tel Aviv, Vodio first launched in January. The service competes with ShowYou, Telly (formerly Twitvid), and Shelby Genius (formerly, among others. As you can tell by the "formerly"'s here, the social video app market is still a young one, where companies are testing the waters to see if there's a way to establish their own audiences underneath the shadow of giants like YouTube and Facebook. The updated app is now available on both iPhone and iPad.
Sarah Perez

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