GitHub Adds Maps To Give A View Of A Developer's Geodata

The ability to visualize geodata as a map is the latest feature GitHub is offering developers. The new capability adds to GitHub's family of visualization tools that now includes the ability to render 3D models on the code-collaboration platform. According to the GitHub blog, any ".geojson" file in a GitHub repository will now be automatically rendered as an interactive browsable map, annotated with a developer's geodata. GitHub is using Leaflet.js to render the geoJSON data and overlay it on a custom version of MapBox's street view base layer. The base map uses data from the free wiki mapping service OpenStreetMap. GitHub says on its blog that it supports the rendering GIS data as points, lines and polygons. Developers can customize the way data is displayed, "such as coloring and sizing individual markers, specifying a more descriptive icon, or providing additional human-readable information to help identify the feature on click." GitHub has a growing community of developers storing geodata -- including Chicago ZIP codes, community radio stations and historic hurricane paths. Geodata certainly is becoming a necessity for developers building mobile apps. It's evident in the number of geocoding APIs available. Programmable Web has 68 APIs listed. Last year Programmable Web had 54 listed.
Alex Williams

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