Site Search Startup Swiftype Adds Live Analytics And Other Features For Marketers

Swiftype, the startup that promises publishers a genuinely good site search experience, is now giving those publishers more data about what people are searching for. Since joining Y Combinator and launching last year, co-founder Quin Hoxie said the company has realized that search data has a lot of value for customers, particularly to marketers. "We want to make this stuff more accessible to the people who care about it most," Hoxie said. "The people who can touch site search on most sites, they’re not the ones who care about how the results show up and how they’re engaging visitors." The new features include live analytics (showing what visitors are searching for at that second), the most undeserved searches (searches that don't have satisfactory results), and the autocompletes and site content that are getting the most engagement from search results. You can also see the trends around a specific page or product and export the search data to use elsewhere. As one example of how live analytics might be useful, Hoxie said that a company launching a new product could see what kinds of issues are coming up in searches, and then prioritize those issues when creating FAQs and other customer support content. That, in turn, reduces the amount of live customer support that they need to provide. Swiftype's new analytics will be available to all users, but paying customers will get additional access to historical data, Hoxie said. By the way, TechCrunch uses Swiftype, and its investors include CrunchFund (which, like TechCrunch, was founded by Michael Arrington).
Anthony Ha

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