Nielsen And Integral Ad Science Expand Their Ad Viewability Partnership Beyond The US

Nielsen and Integral Ad Science are announcing that they're taking their partnership international. Nielsen is best-known for its TV ratings system, but it has been expanding its measurement on the web, on social media, and on mobile. Back in 2012, it announced a partnership with Integral Ad Science (then known as AdSafe) to measure ad viewability (i.e., whether an ad was actually seen by someone — it turns out that a significant number of online ads are never even rendered in the browser window) in the United States. With today's announcement, the companies say they're expanding the deal so that Integral's methodology will be used to measure viewability for Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. In the press release announcing the expansion, Integral CEO Scott Knoll said the two products together are "a great match for helping buyers and sellers optimize for quality and determine the true ROI-impact of their advertising campaigns across channels." The companies note that both Nielsen's online ratings and Integral's methodology are certified by the Media Rating Council. "They can show that an ad was viewable and who viewed it – an essential component in understanding ad effectiveness," Knoll added. "We are thrilled be working with Nielsen to bring this same level of measurement and transparency to clients in new markets around the globe." Integral announced in January that it had raised a $30 million Series D.
Anthony Ha

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