Former Gilt Groupe Exec Sean Foster Joins Brand Advocacy Startup Crowdtap As CEO

Crowdtap, a startup that helps companies connect with fans for the creation of promotional social media content, is announcing that Sean Foster has joined as its new CEO. Foster isn't scheduled to start until June, but he took a few minutes this morning to discuss his new role. He was most recently CEO at diabetes site (and former TV show) dLife. He previously served as online president at Avon, chief marketing officer at Gilt Groupe, and in a number of executive roles at Weight Watchers. You might have to squint a little to see the connections between Foster's varied roles and the CEO job at a digital marketing company, but he said the common thread has been "building and scaling compelling consumer experiences." Founder and former CEO Brandon Evans is apparently "moving on to other things" and no longer with Crowdtap. "He's built a great company here, and Brandon gets a ton of credit for doing that," Foster said. Foster first connected with Crowdtap through investor Brian Hirsch of Tribeca Venture Partners. He described the company as "a success story" that's seen monthly recurring revenue triple over the past two years. He added that it has a big opportunity as marketers move away from a model that's "very, very static" and begin to understand the need to "create storytellers for your brand." Foster said that what he brings to the table is experience with growing companies without compromising the quality of the product when "some of the core product features get pressure under the weight of scale." Back in March, Crowdtap announced raising a $5 million Series B, bringing its total funding to $15 million.
Anthony Ha

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