MasteryConnect Acquires Socrative For $5 Million

Ed tech startup MasteryConnect announced the acquisition of Socrative today for $5 million. Most of the Socrative team will now move into engineering roles at MasteryConnect. The educational game company based in Cambridge, MA increases MasteryConnect’s footprint from 3 million to 21 million students now. This is also the first big expansion for MasteryConnect, which has been rapidly growing under a global movement around the virtues of ‘small data’ in the classroom for the past couple of years. "Small data has the power to personalize the educational experience and enable teachers to assess student mastery in real-time during instruction," said MasteryConnect CEO Cory Reid in a statement to TechCrunch. A fair amount of school administrators believe big data holds the key to the future of education, even going so far as to say it can predict which students will actually succeed in college. However, some educators, particularly those who support small data and mastery-based learning, are wary of that sort of approach. Their argument is that it causes policy-makers and administrators to make bad, one-size-fits-all decisions. They cite No Child Left Behind as one example of this. MasteryConnect previously raised a $1.1 million seed round and $7.7 million in a Series A from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, which has a heavy focus on education initiatives, and Catamount Ventures. Socrative previously raised a $750,000 seed round.
Sarah Buhr

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