New Airbnb Logo Wants You To Draw It Like One Of Your French Logos

In a real-life scene that could be in HBO's "Silicon Valley," Airbnb unveiled a very sexually connotative logo today: Bélo. Apparently no one in on the design process asked themselves, in this guy's parlance, “Does this logo look like a boobs and a butt and a hooha?” Per Armin Vit's post, "The answer has to be a resounding “No”. If there is just a slight hesitation, then it probably does look like [genitalia]." And, in a move of staggering obliviousness (or genius), Airbnb wants you to design your own VBnB logo, with its special tool, which some members of our team can't stop using. Here is Darrell Etherington's design: And Matt Burns': But this is just the start. Donuts, cherries, USAirways flights: There are literally a million things you can add to Airbnb's new logo, and we want to see what you, our readers, can come up with. Put your best ones in the comments or tweet them at us @TechCrunch with the hashtag #buttlogo. As Airbnb itself implores, "Sketch it. Paint it. Put a penguin on it." *Disclosure: My significant other works at General Catalyst, an Airbnb investor. 
Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis is a Writer at Gigabuzz, focused on covering early-stage startups, especially those with a technology focus and great perks.

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