Disney Files Patents To Use Drones In Park Shows

If Disney isn't already the most magical place on earth, it soon will be. The mega-amusement park has filed three patents to use drones within the park, first spotted by MarketWatch. Within the patents, Disney lists a few different use cases for the drones. The first is that they could carry marionette-version Disney characters, with patent drawings showing something similar to inflatable floats in a parade, but suspended by drones instead of helium. The second use case is as a replacement for fireworks, wherein the drones would become lit-up substitutes for a regular fireworks show. Disney is calling them "flixels", a play on fireworks and pixels. In the third patent, Disney describes carrying around large aerial projection screens. According to the patent, many UAVs would fly together as a fleet carrying projection screens, again for the purpose of a show. Disney explains within the patents that drones could provide a significant improvement to its entertainment offerings, considering that current airborne characters and marionettes have little-to-no articulation of movements and fireworks are difficult to replicate and can be dangerous. In the past few years, drones have become so much more than weapons used in the military. Not only can you buy your own mini-drone as a toy, but big businesses like Amazon (and now Disney) are using them to improve their efficiency. If you want to see some of Disney's ideas for drones, check out the patent drawings below.
Jordan Crook

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