Adobe Launches Smart Portfolio-Based Talent Search For Recruiters On Behance

When Adobe bought Behance in December 2012, it looked like a smart matchup for both companies and the acquisition is definitely starting to pay off for Adobe. Over time, the company has integrated more of Behance's features into its own products, but the site itself continues to thrive, too. Today, Adobe is adding a new feature to Behance that will make it an even more attractive service from recruiters who are looking for talent and creatives who are looking to showcase their work. The new portfolio-based talent search (aptly named "Creative Talent Search") will use Adobe's imaging smarts to allow recruiters to not just search based on keywords but on the creatives' portfolios. What's smart here is that Behance's algorithms learn what a recruiter is looking for; they will get smarter over time and highlight similar portfolios. For creatives on Behance, this also means that they can market themselves based on their work and not just on their resumes. Once they find a potential candidate, the algorithm then also helps them find similar creatives. Adobe calls this the "Creative Graph." In addition, of course, recruiters can also use standard keyword-based searches for schools attended, affiliated companies and tools used, for example. Later this year, the company will also launch an iOS app for this service. Behance's existing job board isn't going away, either, so recruiters who want to use that to advertise a job can continue to do so, too. All of these additions, of course, make Behance an even more attractive place for creatives to share their portfolios and give them more reasons to subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud, too.
Frederic Lardinois

Frederic Lardinois is a Writer at Gigabuzz, focused on covering early-stage startups, especially those with a technology focus and great perks.

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