Kamcord Now Lets Users Upload Edited Videos Of Their Mobile Gaming Sessions

Mobile game streaming service Kamcord has begun rolling out a pilot program that lets its top 500 users upload their own edited videos instead of unabridged game sessions. While the current system is incredibly easy to use (which I think contributes to the prevalence of content made by teens full of inside jokes for each other), it inherently limits the quality of uploaded content. People have plenty of fun posting quick videos, warts and all, but a bit of editing could let the truly good posts shine even brighter. Users who already upload videos of their favorite games can use the same recording process they already do. Instead of uploading a session as soon as it's ready, they can download the recording, introduce cuts and voiceover in an app like iMovie, and upload the final version for their followers to see. Kamcord's support for edited videos also means users can upload footage from games that don't integrate the Kamcord SDK. Instead of just tapping a button in their games, users will have to plug their iOS 8 device into a Mac running Yosemite and use QuickTime to record their phone's screen. It's not as easy to do on a whim, so it'll be interesting to see what games Kamcord users find compelling enough to add a few steps to their workflows. In addition to their efforts to improve the quality of videos on the service (which will roll out to more users over the next few months), Kamcord co-founder Aditya Rathnam says the team has been working on community initiatives for new games with Kamcord support. During the week a game is first featured on the App Store, each day might feature "a Kamcord idol contest, a funniest video contest," with winners decided based on views or votes from the community. That work seems to be paying off — since December, the number of videos shared on Kamcord has jumped from 25 million to 40 million.
Kyle Russell

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