Apple's iOS 8.3 Rolls Out With A New World Of Emoji And Bug Fixes

Apple's newest iOS update is out, bringing support for over 300 new emoji, in line with the update that went out for OS X today, too. That means the new, more diverse and potentially more expressive emoticons will work across both platforms. iOS 8.3 also includes a laundry list of bug fixes and improvements, addressing features ranging from Wi-Fi, app launching and Bluetooth to Messages, CarPlay and more. The update list is extremely long, in a rare display of transparency for Apple, which normally keeps its release notes glib. Some changes worth noting include a fix for issues where orientation wouldn't automatically adjust when a phone was rotated, as well as intermittent disconnection from both Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories like speakers. Some big additions with this update include support for wireless CarPlay communication with vehicles that support that, as well as the addition of junk and spam filters for iMessage to help clear up text-based communication by separating stuff from your contacts from the rest. There's also now iCloud Photo Library support, which works with the new Photos app on OS X, and it's no longer a beta product. To get the update, just navigate to the 'Software Update' section of the Settings app on your iPhone and get started by tapping to download and install.
Darrell Etherington

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