Gobble Says It Has Delivered 230K Easy-To-Cook Meals Since Launching Last Year

Back in September, Gobble unveiled a new kind of food delivery. It doesn't offer a fully prepared meal or a box of ingredients and recipes — instead, it delivers "dinner kits" where much of the prep work is already done, and the cooking can be finished in just 10 minutes. But is that what people are really looking for? Well, it's still fairly early (and Gobble is still only available in California), but the company is releasing some initial numbers, saying that it has delivered 230,000 meals thus far. (For a point of comparison, healthy meal service Sprig said it had delivered 200,000 meals about a year after launching.) Founder Ooshma Garg said the number is growing monthly by 42 percent, and that the average member spends $242 each month, ordering meals for three out of four weeks. As for how she sees Gobble fitting into the broader competitive landscape, Garg described the service as "the gourmet cooking hack for busy people." "The last thing that most busy professionals want to do when they get home is chop onions and tomatoes and cook from scratch for hours," she said. "At the same time, people aren’t fundamentally happy with always eating premade meals out of a delivery box. That’s where Gobble comes in." Behind the scenes, Garg also claimed that Gobble can prepare meals much more efficiently than what she called "full stack food startups" like Sprig and Munchery. Apparently Gobble can create one food package per person per minute in its fulfillment center, thanks in part to the company's "kitchen oracle" software that tells team members how to optimize their steps when preparing the dinner kits. Gobble's dinner kits cost $11.95 each. The company also plans to roll out service in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona over the next few months. "We're not planning on evolving the current 'zero to dinner hero' magical customer experience much in the near term," Garg said. "We just want to keep developing and delivering the most reliable and high-quality dinner kits to our customers. Our evolution will take place internally as we continuously strengthen our 'kitchen oracle' software, our processes for developing new dinner kits, and our algorithms for sales forecasts, ordering projections and optimized production."
Anthony Ha

Anthony Ha is a Writer at Gigabuzz, focused on covering early-stage startups, especially those with a technology focus and great perks.

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