Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science, formerly AdSafe Media, is a global media valuation platform that is integral to the buying and selling of quality media. The company focuses on a comprehensive solution set that enables advertising to appear in quality environments where they receive quality exposure--and rewards the sell side for providing quality media. Their platform drives improved visibility, and ROI for players across the digital media landscape. Integral works with hundreds of global brands, all of the major agencies and holding companies, over half of the top networks and DSP's, and are fully integrated with several major exchanges and trading platforms.Integral Ad Science is headquartered in New York City, with operations in San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Sydney, and expanding quickly. An innovator in the digital advertising space, hey've received awards for Product of the Year for 2012 by Business Intelligence Group, AlwaysOn Global 250 Company Award," "Sillicon Valley Innovation Summit AO250 Global Summit," "OnMedia Top 100," and "20 Hottest NYC Start-up by Business Insider.