Reonomys platform makes commercial real estate (CRE) property and market-level research simple. With Reonomys comprehensive and validated data coupled with powerful analytics, CRE investors and lenders can make faster, more secure, and informed decisions.Problem:The current CRE landscape is plagued with i. opaque and fragmented data across multiple sources, ii. a lack of data scale and coverage due to the difficulty in collecting, structuring and normalizing data with limited integrity, and iii. inefficient and cumbersome analytical processes that are often non-quant based. These issues invariably result in sub-optimal decisions and poor results Solution:Reonomys research platform enables CRE investors and lenders to conduct quant-based analyses that currently take thousands of hours and execute them in a matter of clicks. Reonomys comprehensive property and market-level data collected across many disparate sources, proprietary validation algorithms, and powerful analytics redefine how CRE assets and market forces are understood