Stackdriver provides a [powerfully simple monitoring service]( for cloud-powered applications that helps DevOps spend more time on dev and less on ops. Acquired by Google in May 2014.Since its inception in 2012, Stackdriver has focused on helping cloud-powered companies address performance bottlenecks before they impact customers while reducing the burden associated with patchwork monitoring solutions. Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring includes several breakthrough features, such as: Rapid Stack Discovery, which discovers and maps relationships between key system, application, and infrastructure resources within minutes of deployment. Stack Scanner, an analytics engine that detects transient performance issues, identifies cluster outliers, pinpoints metric anomalies, and predicts capacity constraints. Elastic Monitoring, which enables customers to monitor dynamic and ephemeral resources (such as those that scale automatically) without manually updating alerting policies and dashboards. AWS Insights, which correlates AWS events, code deploys, and incidents, identifying performance optimization opportunities.Hundreds of innovative companies, including Smugmug, 99designs, Vocalocity, Extreme Reach, 8k Miles, and Chopra Center, have standardized on Stackdriver for system and infrastructure monitoring.