Swiftype is building search software for the next generation of websites and applications. Founded by Quin Hoxie and Matt Riley in January of 2012, Swiftype is funded by YCombinator and other angels and VCs.Website search has been broken for a long time. Quin Hoxie experienced this pain firsthand while working on the problem at AboutUs, and then at Scribd with Swiftype cofounder Matt Riley. Their experience led them to found Swiftype, which builds customizable search engines for websites that can be created and deployed in minutes. Swiftype offers features like dead simple results customization, including drag & drop reordering and simple adding and removing of results, autocomplete, meta tag customization, filtering and sorting controls, faceted search, typo protection and bigram matching, custom synonyms, real-time analytics, thumbnails in search results, and more. In addition, Swiftype search is mobile, web, and app optimized out of the box, and offers developer tools, APIs, and SDKs for customization. Swiftype search is used for many purposes, including powering support sites and knowledge bases, product search for ecommerce sites, search for some of the large web publishers, developer documentation search for both software companies and open source libraries, mobile search for mobile applications, and more.Since being founded in 2012, Swiftype has grown to power search for hundreds of thousands of websites and mobile applications around the world, whose users have performed billions of queries. Swiftype search is enjoyed by companies like TechCrunch, Twilio, ember.js, Asana, Shopify, New Relic, ExactTarget, SparkFun Electronics, and many more.