ZipRecruiter is a job board distribution service which enables employers to post a job to more than 50 of the web's leading job boards and social networks with a single submission. By providing a central location for finding, screening, and tracking applicants, ZipRecruiter empowers employers to make the best hiring decisions quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional job boards.Applicants from each job board are organized in one place where hiring personnel collaborate to screen, share, and rank applicants. ZipRecruiter's simple online candidate screening interviews allow employers to include a short quiz in the application process, an efficient and effective way to screen job applicants without looking at a single resume thereby making it easier to identify qualified and unqualified applicants.Job seekers can also use ZipRecruiter to search and apply to millions of jobs online. Uploading a resume is a simple process, while searching and applying to jobsas well as subscribing to job alertsis always free.