More than a half of professionals are open to a career change but they still miss great job opportunities. Those professionals do not have time to browse daily amongst the millions of jobs posted on the Internet, and as a consequence, companies cannot target these professionals by their job postings. At jobandtalent, we are using our unique technology to solve this problem and automatically match professionals to relevant jobs its like having a personal assistant looking out for suitable vacancies across the web. Our mission is to disrupt and redefine the recruitment space online, ensuring that no one misses a great job opportunity ever again.At the heart of jobandtalent is an innovative algorithm formulated in collaboration with HR and big data experts and PhDs from the IULA (Research Institute for Applied Linguistics) of Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, which behaves like a virtual recruitment consultant identifying and recognizing linguistic patterns within the structure and phrasing of both job adverts and CVs. These patterns are then converted into data points that match candidates with suitable job opportunities, even if they do not match a candidates or recruiters specifications word for word. This algorithm, which is under continuous development, allows jobandtalent to analyse hundreds of thousands of jobs from different recruitment boards and sites, suggesting suitable vacancies within a clients field. Top notch companies such as Accenture, Morgan Stanley, Ericsson, Booking, L'Oral, or Deloitte and more than 20% of companies in the Fortune Global 500 use jobandtalent to source talent.